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Welcome to School of Innovation Design | Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts !

  • Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

    School of Innovation and Design
  • Stay Practical

    Dream is very important, but making the dream come true is more important. We stay practical, and driven by dream.
  • Universal Synergy

    Integrated innovation is a important feature of modern society. We are trying to create more value from universal synergy.
  • Learning by Doing

    We have been devoting ourselves to the application of our knowledge, we believe Practice Shape the knowledge.
  • Boundless Study

    Neither knowledge nor creation has any border. The design-driven study builds up the open knowledge system.  
  • Education,We devote to improveing the design education, we focus on the higher design education and output the well-educated young designers who have the Internally and externally thinking ability to the design career.
  • Business, We devote to improveing the design quality, we focus on the design detail and hope design make the world better.